4 Signs the Bathroom Sink is in Need of Repair

If you’ve ever had the experience of water remaining stagnant in the sink, you likely know how jarring this situation can be. You probably start to envision an expensive bill to complete the work. As a result, you may put off calling a plumber. However, all that you’re really doing is making the problem worse and potentially more costly. While you might be able to resolve some problems on your own, know the signs that you should dial the number of a plumber right away.

1. You Have Only One


In the event that you have more than one bathroom, you might be able to get away with leaving this sink alone for a little bit until you save up some money. However, think about the issues that a broken bathroom sink causes when you don’t have another option. Going to the kitchen to wash your hands after every bathroom trip and turning the kitchen sink into a teeth-brushing station isn’t exactly the best idea for sanitary purposes.

2. The Water Won’t Drain


Maybe you accidentally let a chunk of soap slide down the drain, so the water is having some trouble going down temporarily. While this issue may fade very shortly, a constantly clogged sink is a sign of trouble. Instead of using those potentially poisonous at-home potions, call a professional to find out what is going on with the plumbing system.

3. Something Went Down

It’s also possible that you dropped an object into the drain and you know what is causing the clog. When you don’t know how to work with a plumbing system and get the item out yourself, you should call for assistance. You might not think that it’s a big deal to take the plumbing apart and find your lost item. However, the plumbing system could be delicate, and you could seriously damage it. Instead of paying a small sum of money to retrieve your item, you could end up with a bill of thousands of dollars to repair the pipes.

4. Black Sludge is Appearing

When you have a build-up of gunk in the plumbing, you might get squirts of black sludge coming up into your sink. This sludge is generally a mixture of products that go down the sink, such as toothpaste or hair gel washed away from your hands. Still, though, this sludge should not be a regular and persistent occurrence in the sink. Also, the sludge can begin to develop bacteria, which is another reason you need to have it addressed immediately.

When a bathroom sink is in need of repair, you need to call a plumber as soon as possible. Don’t let this potentially small problem grow into a potentially huge one.