4 Plumbing Services that Prevent Backups or Flooding

Drains should be regularly inspected to make sure that they run well and that no backups occur. You should never have a drain fixed when it is completely corroded or your home is flooded with sewage. Instead, make sure that you schedule the following plumbing services to keep your drains clear and running proficiently. A plumber can be your best friend if you are the owner of a property.

1. Installing and Maintaining Sump Pumps

If you are a homeowner, you need to install a sump pump, if you have not done so, to keep your basement from flooding and your foundation intact. A sump pump is installed in a basement to keep the water from rising to the flood stage. Because sump pumps operate on electricity, it is helpful to have a backup sump that is run with batteries. In the event of a power outage, you will continue to have flood protection.

A sump pump’s main purpose is to ensure that groundwater levels do not ruin your basement. Groundwater can rise for various reasons. However, it most often does because of a rainstorm or rising river. If your residence is located in a low-lying area or it is situated amongst permeable soil, a sump pump proves to be a good investment. Once you have a sump pump, it should be regularly maintained to ensure that it will always work for you.

2. Installing and Maintaining Backwater Valves


If you want to add hardware that is affordable and practical, have your plumber install a backwater valve. This piece of plumbing equipment is different than a sump pump as it prevents the backup of sewage versus a flood at ground level. The valve is designed to direct the water one way from your home to the sewer. As soon as the valve detects a backflow problem, it closes off the flow and redirects it. Remember that this type of valve will not safeguard you from blockages inside your home. It only provides relief from a sewer backup from outside your living space. For additional resources, visit Express Rooter.

3. Regular Drain Cleaning


Whether you have your drains cleaned by jet-spraying them or another means, they should be regularly inspected and cleaned by a plumbing company. Doing so will also prevent problems with flooding or backups. Any clog should be immediately addressed by a plumbing professional. Also, in the interim, you should use drain cleaners that are considered environmentally safe. Ask the plumbing company you contact to recommend a cleaner. Many of the commercial products that are featured in the stores tend to corrode drains and pipes and therefore should not be used at all.

4. Regular Plumbing Checks

Besides the above services, regular checks of the drains and pipes will ensure that you do not experience flooding. Any leaky faucets or toilet repairs can be made if they are found during an evaluation. Do all you can to make sure that everything flows well and that your pipes and drains are free of corrosion. By taking this type of measure, you can stay on top of plumbing system repairs and reduce your overall costs.